My work focuses on the vulnerability and interconnectedness of the Earth’s diverse life forms and ecosystems. It explores natural conditions of development such as birth, maturation, procreation and death and unnatural conditions caused by human impact such as global warming, pollution and loss of habitat. 

Growing up on a tiny island in Canada, I witnessed the transformation of our lake’s crystalline waters changing with obvious signs of pollution. Later on while living in the South Pacific, I saw clear evidence of invasive species and witnessed the awesome beauty of life in the coral reefs that are now affected by coral bleaching.  Profoundly saddened, I developed a passionate regard for the planet and its life forms.  As a result, I wanted to find an art material that could conceptually evoke fragility and breakage. I wanted something that looked like glass but offered many creative possibilities.  

In the late 90’s I began working with recycled plexiglas and polycarbonate and found that these substances perform with amazing versatility. For example, I am able to cut this material into hundreds of units that are shaped with heat and are chemically bonded together to create large two and three dimensional works for the wall, floor and ceiling. Many of the suspended forms rotate with the slightest air currents due their light weight. The acrylic can receive a variety of media that is applied to the front and back of the forms. The painted surfaces are translucent and provide possibilities for greater depth and luminosity.

While Plexiglas offers diverse applications for my practice, it also offers compelling conceptual strengths that underscore my core concerns regarding the fragile balance of life on our planet. The glass-like appearance implies the possibility of breakage and shattering. It is a powerful metaphor for the tenuous existence of all life.



Born: Toronto, Canada

Education: B.F.A. in Painting, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio



2019 Rudolph Blume Fine Art / ArtScan Gallery, Houston, TX

2018 The Grace Museum, “Inherit the Earth”, Abilene, TX

2017         Camiba Art Gallery, "Speechless", Austin, TX

2017         Kingwood Gallery, Lone Star College, "In Silence", Kingwood, TX

2017         Beeville Art Museum, "In Silence", Beeville, TX

2016         Manifest Gallery, "Vital", Cincinnati, OH

2016         Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, "Vital", Spring, TX

2016         The Gallery at Penn College, Penn State, "Full Circle", Williamsport, PA          

2016         Galveston Arts Center, "Vital Signs", Galveston, TX

2016         Maria V. Howard Fine Arts Center  Imperial Centre for Arts and Science, "Against All Odds", Rocky Mount, NC

2015         College of the Mainland, "In Motion", Texas City, TX

2015         Bosque Gallery at Lone Star College CyFair, "Life Lines," Cypress Fairbanks, TX

2014         Lawndale Art Center, “Pulse,” Houston, TX

2011         Buchanan Gallery, “Open Endings,” Galveston, TX

2009         Buchanan Gallery, “A Clear Choice,” Galveston, TX

2009         University of Houston - Clear Lake, Houston, TX

2006         Buchanan Gallery, Galveston, TX

2004         Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX

2001         Art Center at Clear Lake, Clear Lake, TX

1999         Yukiko Lunday Gallery, Houston, TX

1997         Yukiko Lunday Gallery, Houston, TX

1995         Dakota Gallery, Houston, TX

1995         North Harris College Gallery, Houston, TX

1995         C. G. Jung Educational Center, Houston, TX

1993         Visual & Performing Arts Gallery, UT Health Science Center, Houston, TX

1992         Martin Museum of Art, Baylor University, Waco, TX

1991         South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX

1988         Goethe Institute Gallery, Houston, TX

1986         University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX

1985         University of Houston, O’Kane Gallery, Houston, TX



2019 Houston Sculpture Month, The Silos, curated group exhibition

2017         Spartanburg Museum of Art, "Is Art Work?", Spartanburg, SC

2016         CamibaArt, "Night & Day", Two-Person Exhibition, Oz Interiors, Houston, TX

2016         Valdosta State University, "Material Transformations", Three-Person Exhibition, Valdosta, GA

2015         Camiba Art, "Truly Imagined", December 2015 - January 2016, Austin, TX

2015         Camiba Art, Gallery Artist Exhibition, December, Austin, TX

2015         Devin Borden Gallery, "Inherent Palette", September - October, Houston, TX

2015         Camiba Art, "Cycles of Life", Two Person Exhibition, Austin, TX

2015         Lincoln Center Art Gallery, "The Nature of Things," Fort Collins, CO

2014         Assistance League of Houston, “Celebrates Texas Art,” Houston, TX

2013         Devin Borden Gallery, “Winter Garden,” Houston, TX

2010         Pearl Fincher Museum of Art, “Here and Now,” Runge/Howard Collection, The Woodlands, TX

2009         Buchanan Gallery, Holiday Exhibition, Galveston, TX

2009         Buchanan Gallery, 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Houston, TX

2008         Buchanan Gallery, Summer Group exhibit, Galveston, TX

2006         Buchanan Gallery, Summer Group Exhibit, Galveston, TX

2003         Matthew Travis Gallery, Two-Person Exhibition, Houston, TX

2002         Lawndale Art Center, “Big Show,” Houston, TX

2000         2000 Critic’s Choice, Dallas Visual Arts Center, Dallas, TX

1999         Yukiko Lunday Gallery, “Surfaces,” Group exhibition, Houston, TX

1998         Museum of Southeast Texas, “Oil Patch Dreams,” El Paso Museum, Midland Art Center, Austin Museum, Wichita Falls Art Center  

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1997         Yukiko Lunday Gallery, Group exhibition, Houston, TX

1997         New Gallery, “Women on Women,” Houston, TX

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1995         New Gallery, “Body Works,” Houston, TX

            1995         Dakota Gallery, “Two Person Exhibition,” Houston, TX

1994        “Small Works From Houston to Russia,” Moscow and St. Petersburg

1994         Houston Area Open Competition, Art League of Houston, TX

1993         Brazos Valley Arts Gallery, College Station, TX

1992         Blaffer Gallery, “Houston Area Exhibition,” University of Houston, TX

1992         Abilene Art Center, 2nd Award, Abilene, TX

1991         G.V.G. Gallery, Two-Person Exhibition, Houston, TX

1989         Edith Baker Gallery, Group exhibition, Dallas, TX

1988         Transco Tower, “Internal Order,” Houston, TX

1988         Judy Youens Gallery, Two-Person Exhibition, Houston, TX

1988         Edith Baker Gallery, Three-Person Exhibition, Dallas, TX

1987         Alternate Gallery, Two Person Exhibition, Dallas, TX

1987         Dallas City Hall, “Women Artists of Three States,” Merit Award, TX

1987         Art League of Houston, “Competition ’87,” Merit Award, Houston, TX

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1984         Design Center, “Austin Citation Exhibition,” Merit Award, Austin, TX

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1983         Lawndale Art Center, “East End Show,” Houston TX

1983         University of St. Thomas, Group Exhibition, Houston, TX

1982         Art League of Houston, “Houston Area Competition,” 2nd Award,TX

1980         Texas Commerce Tower, “Dimension Houston,” Art League of Texas, TX



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